Who we are

"IMEX LINK" is a company which is mainly engaging with importing and exporting of the globalzed, valuable and currently essential goods and services.

Import and Exports

  • Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Heavy Vehicles
  • Vehicale Engines
  • Color Separate Machines
  • Srilankan Products ( Cinnamon,Tea, Peppers)

It is important to mention here the summarized vision of our chain of businesses. This is the centaury that details with globalization, Industrialization and technological advances, therefore no doubt our vision is distribution of highly effective and efficient products which are accepted and satisfied by our customers.

As above mentioned this is an import and export company. It is vital to mention that we have given our fully concentration to import of vehicles, heavy machines, colour separate machine and vehicle engines as well.

We are a multitasking company because at the same time we are capable of creating value added well featured products from those of imports items and exports to the global market. Especially our main intention is to create and distribute of durable price able and competitive final output.

It is valuable to record here the history of our career pathway that we have achieved presently. We are proud to say that we have already Imported 400 passenger cars.

A very important fact is that we are offering 100 percent after sales service warranty. Likewise there are wide ranges of opportunities for our valuable customers.

As a Sri Lankan company we have targeted to export Sri Lankan products including peppers, dill seeds, cinnamon and so. It is clear that this was the land of exported all kind of spices to all over the world during our ancestors age. It is obvious that we can gain huge profits of exporting these kinds of spices because they do have standard level of request in Western countries.