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For many years, Imex Link has been serving the Sri Lankan auto import market. The business has earned a solid reputation as a trustworthy associate in the international transport of motor vehicles and an industry leader in the import of hybrid and electric automobiles. With an emphasis on the import and promotion of electric and hybrid vehicles, Imex Link has also helped with responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and the jewelry industry.

Company History

IMEX LINK (PVT) LTD. is well recognized as one of Sri Lanka's premier vehicle import companies. Since its founding, the company has become well-recognized as the premier importer and exporter of electric and hybrid vehicles worldwide.

"We are proud to be the first in Sri Lanka to introduce the revolutionary Nissan Leaf, the first electric vehicle of its kind in the country."


Company Mission and Vision

The company's mission is to serve the community by providing high-quality, environmentally friendly goods and services. The company's long-term goal is to become a market leader in the transportation sector, particularly in the areas of Electric and Hybrid vehicles.


The primary focus of Imex Link is the IMport/EXport of motor vehicles (IMEX). The organization has earned a solid reputation as a reliable partner among its peers. The company also provides several additional services to its clients in addition to the import and export of automobiles.

Electric and hybrid vehicle import and marketing :

Imex Link has played a significant role in spreading awareness of and demand for electric and hybrid vehicles across Sri Lanka. The company is dedicated to promoting environmentally friendly modes of transportation and has the greatest expertise in importing electric automobiles. Electric and hybrid automobiles from the world's top manufacturers are available through the company.
The company obtains vehicles from reliable international sources and then transports them to Sri Lanka before registering them with the appropriate authorities. Customs clearance, product registration, and customer delivery are all taken care of by the company.
When it comes to importing electric vehicles, no one knows more than Imex Link. The business has become an industry leader because of its global network of suppliers and partners.

Manufacturing of Protective Clothing and Gear :

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, in need of high-tech protective mouth masks, the company supplied high-quality, dependable masks that adhered to international standards in response to the immediate need for PPE. The company also makes bags to store electronic protection equipment in, which is a novel and efficient way to safeguard expensive electronics.
As a result, in light of the widespread spread of the COVID-19 virus, Imex Link redirected its resources to the development of high-tech protective face masks, which has helped many companies and individuals in Sri Lanka battle to recover.
The efforts of Imex Link were crucial in Sri Lanka's fight against COVID-19. The company made sophisticated protective mouth masks and cover bags for electronic safety equipment in case of damage, which are novel and useful products.
The company uses cutting-edge production techniques to produce high-quality protective mouth masks that abide by all applicable safety regulations, which helped Sri Lanka's efforts to stop the virus's spread because the government was able to supply the urgent demand for PPE.

The Gem Trade :

In the gem sector, Imex Link purchases licensed stones and adds value before exporting them. Gemstones like sapphires, rubies, and other precious stones can be found in abundance in Sri Lanka. The company only acquires jewelry that has been legally and ethically mined from licensed suppliers. The stones are enhanced before being exported, showing the company's dedication to ethical and environmentally sound business practices.
To guarantee that the mining and trading of gems is conducted in an ethical manner that does not hurt the environment or local communities, the gem industry must adhere to responsible and sustainable business practices. Imex Link understands the significance of these procedures and is dedicated to maintaining an ethical and sustainable company model.

Organizational Values and Protocols

Environmental responsibility, technological advancement, and originality are all highly valued at Imex Link.

The company invests in its employees and encourages them to reach their full potential by providing them with a range of benefits and encouraging a culture of cooperation and mutual respect. Charity work, an encouraging work environment, and an emphasis on employee volunteering are all signs that the company values corporate social responsibility.

Alliances and Cooperation

In order to provide clients with state-of-the-art products and services, the company forms strategic alliances with market leaders in the automotive, healthcare, and technology industries.

Imex Link collaborates actively with government and non-government organizations and has ready access to cutting-edge models thanks to its relationships with automakers and wholesalers.

Ideas for the Long Run

Imex Link's long-term goals include expanding into additional regional markets, creating cutting-edge products, and deepening its commitment to eco-friendliness and originality.

The corporation is dedicated to the conservation of natural resources and the improvement of local communities, and it hopes to maintain its position as an industry leader in environmentally friendly transportation by focusing on electric and hybrid vehicles as well as expanding its healthcare operations.

For this reason, we focus on providing options that are both long-term and ethical.


Overall, Imex Link is an innovative Sri Lankan company that has had a significant impact on the automobile, healthcare, and gem industries. With environmental and social responsibility at the forefront of its mission, the company has distinguished itself in a competitive market and gained customer loyalty.

Sustainability, innovation, and diversity are the company's top priorities, and their commitment to the future is evident in their emphasis on long-term objectives and the formation of strategic partnerships.